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Because of the products packing comfortably.
Because of the products protection in its packs.
Because of the products preservation security.
Because of a better image presentation of the products...
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Address: Frugone Nº 4441
CP 1678 - Caseros
Buenos Aires - Argentina

Phone: 4654-9043 / 4656-1802

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    Reel composed of plastic covers and punched plastic tube.   Ropes, elastic, cords, tapes, etc.
    Reel of covers Ĝ240 mm, with or without projection for drag. Long tube 200mm (to consult other lengths). Union of tubes and covers by means of metallic covers.   Ropes, cords, elastics.
    Reel with covers plastic and cardboard tube, patches.   Ropes, tanzas, etc.
    Reel composed of plastic covers and repujado plastic tube.   Ropes, you turn of leather, etc.
    Reel composed of two encastrables plastic covers to each other.   Tapes flat, falletina to the bias binding, etc.
    Reel composed of plastic covers and plastic tube fixed with grampas metallic.   Metallic seals, cables, etc.
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